Someone please explain to me.  Why do Blacks vote overwhelmingly Democratic?  OK, I understand saying that the Republicans are the party of Lincoln doesn’t carry much water.  The logical response is “Yeah, but what have you done for us lately?”

OK,  what about the fact that schools were integrated because a Republican President,  Eisenhower,  appointed a popular Republican governor, Earl Warren,  as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  He did it as a recess appointment to get past Democratic opposition,  and he did it to bring in a Chief Justice who could orchestrate a unanimous decision on a most important case,  Brown vs. The Board of Education of Topeka.  Without a Republican President and a Republican chief justice, the separate but equal doctrine may have stood for another decade.

Meanwhile, where were the Democrats?  It brings us back to Lincoln.  Because of his actions, the Republican Party lost the South for more than a hundred years.  All of the major political figures resisting integration,  from state governors to county sheriffs, were Democrats.  And they put up a unified front effectively blocking integration for years,  until the Kennedy Brothers came to town and broke ranks. Even after Kennedy,  the Democrats voted unanimously against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

So how did the Democrats co-opt the Black vote?  Was it LBJ’s War on Poverty?  To any disinterested observer,  all the War on Poverty accomplished was to break up the Black family (welfare couples were rewarded for not being married) and put many poor Blacks into a cycle of dependence on government charity programs, thus destroying the basic human pride of many Blacks.

The Democratic leadership combined with a cadre of non-elected black leaders assume that all Blacks must vote Democratic and follow the party line.   When Blacks break free of this mold,  there are incredibly racist attacks.  President Bush appointed the first Black male Secretary of State, Colin Powell, and now has appointed the first Black female Secretary of State, Condeleeza Rice.  What was the reaction of the Democratic party?  Elation?  No way.  The reaction was a full scale attack on the successful Blacks.  One Democratic radio commentator referred to her as an Aunt Jemimah.  Gary Trudeau depicted the President referring to her as “Brown Sugar” in his popular Doonesbury comic strip.  Colin Powell and Clarence Thomas were referred to as  “Uncle Toms.”  Democrats seem to have discovered that they can be as racist as they want to be and no one will call them to task.

Obviously,  racist attacks against successful Blacks, whether politicians or businesspeople, are a means for Democrats to keep Blacks in their place.  Keeping them living close to those streets named Martin Luther King Way and voting the right way.  Where are the unelected Black leaders?  The likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton receive their power from the Democratic establishment.  They maintain their power as long as they toe the party line.  And obviously, real success stories are a threat to the Jesse Jacksons of the world, who never really accomplished anything except exploiting racism for their own aggrandizement.

How do people like Jesse Jackson receive their power?  By getting the spot light from the Democratic party,  the Liberal Main Stream Media,  and liberal groups like the NEA.  For example, several years ago my daughter, then in fifth grade, had to complete a worksheet about Jesse Jackson.  The correct answers on the worksheet were to fill in that Jesse Jackson was a “courageous” leader and similar superlatives.

Just take a moment for a reality check.  What do you think would happen if a conservative journalist (an endangered species if ever there was one) used such racist terms against any Black.  Or if a similar school worksheet touted the sterling qualities of, say, Rush Limbaugh.

Think about it.

Very simply,  the main difference between today’s Conservatives and Liberals is that Liberals believe big government can solve society’s problems where Conservatives believe big government is the cause of many of society’s problems.  Conservatives believe in individual rights, individual opportunity, and perhaps most distinctively, individual responsibility.  The government’s job is to provide freedom and justice for all,  not to set up a constituency as victims.  Government programs to provide aid to victim groups can only be successful, in a government sense, if the group continues to be victims.  The bureaucrats running the welfare bureaucracies are successful if they can grow their bureaucracy.

Blacks are exploited and suppressed by the Democratic Party.  Successful Blacks who break away from the fold are villified unmercifully.  The greatest hope is that more and more Blacks are moving to the middle and upper classes,  and as they do,  they get a much better view of what is happening and begin to vote Republican.

And the Democratic party exploits other people who have bought into their own victimhood.  Whether women, hispanics, gays, or any other group.  Republicans like to think of people as individuals, each with their own potential and responsibilities.  These are both generalizations, of course,  there are plenty of exceptions on each side.  I refer to the norm.