My father-in-law gave me some concise feedback about my blog. I directed him to this blog so that he could see a photo album from a family wedding. He didn’t manage to scroll down to the album. Instead he said the URL I had sent him to was “some nutty religious site about abortion.”

Sorry Bert, this is my site. And it’s not about abortion. Abortion was just one current example of the confusion between wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps I should have stuck with the example of nuclear bombs, much less controversial. And nuclear bombs have killed less people. Depending on which interpretation of abortion you buy into.

OK, in for a penny, in for a pound. Before I leave the subject of abortion, let me add one more observation. The pro-choice (read pro-abortion) position has become a litmus test for today’s Democratic party. Pro-life (read anti-abortion) Democrats are totally shut out of the national party. Democratic senators are willing to undermine the United States Constitution to block judges who they believe might be pro-life.

There is a reason for this. In Gangster movies, you have undoubtedly seen the rite-of-initiation shooting cliché. The bad guy hands the gun to the good guy, who is pretending to be a bad guy, and tells him to shoot a fellow good guy. Why, because if he shoots the good guy, then he establishes himself as a bad guy. Well, this rite-of-initiation also exists in real life, where gangs routinely require murder or some other heinous act as a requirement for acceptance into the gang.

Now think about this. Once a woman “chooses” to perform an abortion, for whatever reason, she must believe the pro-choice rhetoric. The alternative is to believe she has killed her own child. For her own mental health, she must accept the pro-choice view of the fetus as some inconsequential body part. Otherwise, she will go mad with guilt. The Democratic Party knows this, and they prey on it. By being the pro-choice party, they guarantee themselves lifelong members who are mentally unable to even consider the alternative.

This also means the Democratic Party profits from each abortion, and is therefore motivated to increase the number of abortions. Who’s right on the issue of abortion? See my previous blog. We just don’t know. Personally, I hope God made a loophole in there somewhere. Enough nutty religious stuff. I don’t consider it such. I am interested in language, logic, and intelligence. And I readily admit that Democrats possess at least one of these attributes.

(originally posted October 28, 2004 )